Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Marc for WWIT.

My styling venture which i did for online menswear magazine WWIT.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Decadently Dandy

Recently i have become a features writer for the vogue of vintage lovers: with this furtive step into the right direction i have also rediscovered what used to be a - borderline - obession for me. Dandyism.

Why is it that the art of getting dressed has been rendered almost obsolete in everyday life? Unless of course it is an occupational requirement that you do look your splendid best, in order to attract clients and whatnot.

Once upon a time, the men that roamed this land were sartorially groomed, preened to perfect elegance, and emanating an air of flamboyance, entirely unrelarated to their sexuality.

Now a days, the majority of masculinity is represented with a rugged persona: a swagger and precariously perched New Era hat, or perhaps a carbon copy suit worn without grace. Obviously there are acceptions but as i said, these acceptions are a miniscule minority in the grand scheme of things.

I'd like to see more men with a silk cravat immaculately ribboned around their neck, or perhaps a perfectly original take on the simple cut of a suit, being worn in a way that modernises dandyism and transforms it into a modern entity which doesn't have to consume ones life, so much as enhance it.

J W Anderson seems to have a gloriously unique take on dandysim, his creations are sartorial delights with strong references to the British theatre, a dramatic aspect emphasises his detailing giving an almost surrealist ethos to his most recent creation.

And Britian is not without a few crusaders flying the flag for bespoke geniality, in fact i saw one of these brave fellows in a chip shop on Bethnal Green road only a few days ago. He was sporting a waxed moustache that would have had Monsieur Poiret quivering in a jealous rage, a monocle was sitting gently infront of his left eye, and a fantastically cut, three piece, harris tweed suit emanated the grand eccentricity which used to define England. It was heart warming.

Ideally i am looking for a Scarlett Pimpernell of my very own, a dandy vigilante that would defy death for me, whilst wearing a taffeta frock coat, slim trousers and highly polished boots.

Now that's an obsession worth acting on.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Furtive Glances.

Ethereal Beauty is hard to come by, but a combination of linen and fur certainly does accentuate it nicely.

Queen Of Hearts.

Georgia is the Queen of several hearts.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Isn't She Lovely?

She is like a legal Lolita.

The English summer may not rival the fierce heat of Mediterrean counterparts,
but it definately has a whimsical charm about it.
I personally love the stifling heat, and straw like grass.
Nothing indicates summer in the city like melting make-up.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


Charity shops are one new customer away from becoming as overwhelmingly over priced as Vintage Shops, and so steps in a saviour: Car Boot Sales. Hoards of people gathering at dawns crack, every weekend to sell off their clutter and old clothes, an unlikely fashion source, but a hidden treasure all the same. Most things will be sold to you for a £1, and the best thing is that the sellers are thankful to you for taking it off there hands. WONDERFUL.

These outfits are little examples which i put together to show how scandalously cheap clothes can look lovely.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009